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Day 1

Arrival at Agadir and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2

After breakfast, you will be taken to Tiznit after driving through the fertile plains around the river Souss. Next we will meet our horses. After lunch, a first ride will take us to the area around Tiznit where barley and oats grow. Many gallops later we will arrive at the foot of the mountains, where the argan trees grow. We will make camp close to Sept Bounamane.

Day 3

The hills of the Lakass are on schedule for today. Here, long lost roads will lead us through cactus fields where the horses will have to find their way. The Argan trees are growing everywhere here but there is always room for a field or two. A farmer's life is very hard over here as there is not a single source or river in the neighborhood and the only water here comes from the sky. We will pick nick somewhere and make camp between the argan trees near Ait Joull.

Day 4

Today there will be no more steep ascents. Slowly the ground is descending in the direction of a vast deserted plain that is offering a superb view of the mountains around. Below there is almost nothing and only around the villages you can find some palm trees. Going down we will have again many opportunities for a quick gallop before arriving at the pick nick place. In the afternoon we will ride between the mountains on a sandy road that is ideal for gallops. No need to follow the road; the ground here is excellent and there is not a single human being around for miles. In the evening, we will sleep in the palm tree forest of Timoulay.

Day 5

Today the ride will take us the deserted valleys carved out of the mountains. The road is very sandy here and the only animals that survive here are camels as there is too little water and grass here, even for goats. There are many cracks here in the ground, as a result of occasional rain and high temperatures. We will pick nick a little further and make camp in the evening near a dam. but it's very rear that you find water in the lake.

Day 6

During the morning, we will leave the valley via a big sand plain towards the mountains. Between the dunes there are growing some huge palm trees. Riders and horses can enjoy many a gallop here. Very soon we will approach a small oued with big palm trees in the neighborhood. There are many villages here as irrigation methods are used extensively here. The horses will get a chance to water and we will enjoy our pick nick. Very soon we will approach a hostel where we will rest and spend the night.

Day 7

Today is a resting day. In the morning we will go to Goulmime, an old garrison that still serves as a meeting place for nomadic tribes. This city used to be known as the 'Port to the Sahara'. Today, the souk is very known here and you have the possibility to buy all kinds of animals here, even camels. diner and night in the hotel.

Day 8

On a big plane we can galopp for ever! little bushes are growing here and the horses often jump over them. In a Palmoasis we will have picknick. In the afternoon we cross a River.over little hills we pass on aplane full of catuses. still the horses like to galopp here betwenn the cactuses. camp is beside a little gorge with a beautiful river.

Day 9

Today's ride will take us across hills overgrown with cactuses.if you like you can jump over little walls in the middle of the valleys. Soon we cross over a mountain range and arrive in Fort Bou cherif a new made Forteress for camping. but we just stop to drink a cold cocacola or beer. beside the river assaka we have picknick. In the afternoon we will ride once more through rocky plains towards the Atlantik.On a lonely beach we will find our camp.

Day 10

Sometimes we ride on little ways on top of the cliffs ofb the Atlantik. sometimeswe galopp on a beautiful beach direction of Sidi Ifni. on the beach of Sidi Ifni we will have picknick. in the afternoon we follow again little ways climbing up and down the creeks of the rivers, bringing the rain water in the Atlantik. the horses stays outside sidi Ifni and we will drive back by car to the town wher we stay in the hotel.

Day 11

Today is a resting day. you might enjoy the beach of sidi ifni or you go in the little coffeeshops in the town. We will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 12

Back to the horses! Today we will follow a little way up the hills where sandy roads are lying amidst solitary canyons. Some villages and a few watering places allow the horses to have a drink. We will break for pick nick at the beach where we can enjoy the seaside for another time. After the pick nick we will follow a small trail between the palm trees. Crossing over littl hills we will come back to the Atlantik where we have a camp on the beach of the Atlantik.

Day 13

on little ways on top of the rough clipps of the Atlantik we ride to the North. Big waves are clatching on the rocks under us.It's very ipressioning but the view over the blue Atlantik is magnificient. soon we will come down on the beach where we follow for many kilometers, galopping beside the Atlantik. Picknick is on the beach of the Atlantik; so it's also possible to swimm. in the afternoon a stony way brings us back to Tiznit and in the hotel.

Day 14

A visit to town that is very famous for its silverworks. You can have lunch wherever you want (not included in the price) and in the afternoon we will return to Agadir by car where we will have dinner and sleep in the hotel.

Day 15

Individual flight home.