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Day 1

Arrival at the airport of Agadir. Please tell us your hour of expected arrival so we can fetch you from the airport. We will have dinner at a hotel and sleep there.

Day 2

Before starting the ride, we will meet our horses in the morning. Afterwards, we will start the day by riding across the fertile plain of the Souss with many beautiful sandy roads allowing many gallops. In this region, the vegetables are grown in greenhouses to protect them against too big changes in temperature. Like this, you can have tomatoes, potatoes and courgettes all year round even in winter! Between the greenhouses are some open fields where dry bushes are growing that the people here are using to feed their sheep and goats. We will have dinner and our camp between some ancient walls close to a small Berber village.

Day 3

Long sandy roads that never end take us from one Berber village to the next one. Here, made out of red clay, the walls are mostly hidden by cactus bushes, but you may see that behind every cactus a pair of curious eyes will look at us wherever we go, as horse and riders are very a very unusual sight in these regions. Under the hot sun, the farmers here are only capable of growing a few crops but basically they are living most of the time on their livestock of sheep and goats, taken care of by young children or old people.

Day 4

Today we will leave the fertile plains of the Souss to descend into the rocky and deserted hills, filled with cactus fields and bushes. The Berber people in this region live basically on the production of oil from the nuts of the local trees and on the sheep that they raise. It's surprising to see the little goats being able to climb in the bushes here to get the few leaves that are still left.The stop at noon will be at the side of the lake, located between the mountains. In the afternoon we will continue our way between the hills under the pleasant chanting of birds. We will spend the night at the shore of the lake Youssef Ibn Tachafine.

Day 5

Today we will the road in the hills of Tachilla that will give us one more view of the blue waters of the lake before we will head for the region of Tiznit. The landscape will vary between dry sanddunes and big rock formations. We will leave the horses in a small village and a car will take us to the city of Tiznit, which is very famous for his silverworks. We will have dinner and spend the night at a hotel in Tiznit.

Day 6

Return to the horses who spent the night outside Tiznit. In the morning we will head towards the valley of the oued Massa, where there are many small Berber villages. The soil is very rich here and the houses are circumvened with gardens were they grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. A last uphill road will bring us the the open plains that are a sign that the Atlantic coast is nearby. Here, only accompanied by the lonely wind, we will many opportunities to galop for a long time. The camp is situated in the bird reservation of the oued Massa on the other side of the stream.

Day 7

The entire morning we will follow the coast of the Atlantic ocean, going once in a while into the dunes and low hills nearby. The morning ride will end on a enormous deserted beach where we will have the chance for a real race. Only the cries of the seagulls and the sound of the waves break the silence in this area.Waves of birds, seagulls and pink flamingos will make way as our horses are racing neck by neck. In the afternoon, we will reach the oued Souss that is also a big bird reservation and their chants will accompany us for a long time. A road with many eucalyptus trees will take us slowly back to civilisation. After an emotional goodbye with our horses that will stay there, we will be driven back towards the hotel where we will share our last meal and sleep for the night.

Day 8

Going back home.