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Day 1

Arrival in Ouarzazate. Overnight at the hotel.

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Day 2

In the morning we travel over Boumalne Dadaes to Tinghir, where the horses stand. On the way you will have a first impression of the desert countryside. driving along the valley of thousands Kasbahs, you pass through many villages, but alot of nthe old Kasbahs are ruins today. after a pick-nick in Tinghir you get your horse and a ride of 3 hours will bring you to the camp, passing though many little villages. Overnight in the camp

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Day 3

Today we follow the dry river valley, on one side we see the endless grey-blue mountain ranges of the Jebel Saghro, on the other side the High Atlas mountains, which are offen couvert with snow in the wintermonth. Wherever there are springs we see green gardens grow. Beside one of this gardens we will have a picknick in the shade of the Tamarisktree. In the afternoon we ride over a little hill of Shebel Saghro. we find a salt spring but still the animals are drinking this water. so often you can see the camels or goats of the nomades. Soon we reach the camp of Tindruish.

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Day 4

Today we ride over sandy plains between palm tree gardens. One big spring gives water for the whole palmoasis. but as the last years where very dry the end of the oasis gets very dry and you see also the palmtrees diyng. we cross aver a empty rivervalley and will find our picknick place under palmtrees. In the afternoon we follow a dry river course into the mountains.On this plane you can galopp for ever. But then the Plain goes in to the riverbed and we follow slowly between the black mountains. Suddenly a tooth-like, black mountain rises before us, at its feet some palms and oleander grow. There is even a small well, making this place an ideal campsite.

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Day 5

We leave the stony plateau and gallop again over sandy plains. This flat infinity is very impressive. Sometimes herds of camel converge on lonely wells. We have lunch in an old abandoned fort which was a former military base. The loam construction is still in good condition with typically shaped windows and ornaments. Unfortunately all the wood has ben stolen so there are no more floors and roofs. We continue our ride by the green gardens. This part goes over little sanddunes and through palmtrees. Camp close to a well that provides water for this whole oasis.

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Day 6

The today's palm gardens are part of the oasis of Tafilalelt. Besides them the desert stretches away. In the distance isolated mountains rise. In some places we find again rows of innumerable, small earth hills that cover a waterway system.Many long galopps brings us to the Hotel in the Palmoasis of Rissani. In the afternoon we will visit Rissani - a small desert town. There is the Mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif a king of the Alaouiten Dynastie. In the center is a small Souk, some cafes and little shops. Three times a week is a bigger market. Then the people of the desert will do their shopping. Night in the Hotel

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Day 7

After a good breakfast we leave for a long ride towards the Sanddunes of Merzouga. we follow little ways trough the palmerai. sometimes we cross villages . there many children are following us. But a galopp brings us again in the solitude of the Oasis. Suddenly we are out of the palmtrees and a immense plain opens in front of us. If the weather is clear you might allready see the rose colored Sanddunes far away. This infinite flat expanse littered with small black stones has no vegetation. Our camp is on the feed of the dunes. There is a spring which brings water for the whole region. So many green gardens are just beside the sanddunes In the afternoon you might walk up the sanddunes and enjoy the beautiful view. These impressive dunes are up to 150 meter in height. Or you enjoy the green gardens where you can walk through or you go in the near village to have a coffee.

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Day 8

Today is a resting day. You have the possibility to enjoy the sanddunes, or going for a camelride. May be you just enjoy a slow day or you like to ride along the sanddunes. The horses enjoy running over the little sanddunes . You might discover the nesting places of rare birds.

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Day 9

In the morning we leave the camp by the sanddunes. After a big rain we can find a lake near Merzouga. Many birds will come to this lake in the time where water is in. So sometimes you can even find the rosa Flamingos. Around the lake a few green gras is growing and camelheards come there to eat the gras. Soon we will galopp over a big black plane – it seems to be endless when in front of us the black plane joins the blue sky; Later we cross a empty river valley and follow the white sandy plane. Black and stony parts changes to white sandy planes. In the evening we find the hill of Tinghras. This place is famous as a filmplace. Many movies are turnd in this region. Our camp will be just under this beautiful mountain.

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Day 10

Today is a long riding day. So we will leave early in the morning. Little sanddunes are crossing our way. Then again we can galopp over big planes . from time to time a little village shoes up. But soon there are no people no ways. We follow lonely valleys. The mountains are coverd with red sand. So the black stones shines through the golden sand. One lonely valley follows the other. Finally we will find a well in the middle of the desert. The horses are very thursty after this long day. But still we have to cross an other big valley before finding our camp next to a well in the desert

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Day 11

Many galopps brings us through Akaziatrees. Then we follow are river valley. Even if the river has only water in raintime – there is a lot of groundwater. Many villages follow this empty rivervalley. The water is pumped out of wells and many green fields are growing along the valley. Picknick is on a lonely place under paimtrees; In the afternoon we still follow the same rivervalley. More and more villages and people shows up. But our camp is again outside in a lonely Palmoasis.

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Day 12

This morning we cross over a mountain range. In this mountains you can find fossils they are 500 million years old. In a big plane we follow little ways. From time to time you find sheep and goats heards. In between the brown and yellow mountains there is one very black mountain. Finally we come to a canion. In the middle of this canions is a little spring with some palmtrees. This is a point where all the people crossing the canion stopp. So there is also a little coffeshopp where you even can buy a cocacola. In the afternoon we follow the canion. Then we cross the mountains. In the next plane we will find our camp under palmtrees.

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Day 13

Today is our last riding day. We ride along the Jebel Saghro which is a mountain range of black color. But on the other side we have yellow and brown desert mountains. Over the fine stones on the ground we can even galopp. From time to time we find a little well where the horses can drink. The nomads led always a rope and a bucket by the well. So anybody who comes there can get water out. In a little palmoasis we will have picknick. Some last galopps brings us to the camp near by Tinghrir. We leave the horses abd the crew and drive to the hotel in Tinghrir. May be there is still time to drive in to the gorge of Tinghrir. Diner and overnight in the Hotel.

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Day 14

Today we drive back to Ouarzazate. On the way we will visit the gorge of Boulmane Dades. On the way in the gorges you will see plenty of greenery, mostly figs and almond trees, interspersed with an array of Kasbahs and Ksours. On some places you can see very bizarre formation of the rock. In the afternoon we will come to ouarzazate . so there is still time to go in the souks of the town. Diner and overnight in the Hotel.

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Day 15

Individual return journey