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Day 1

Arrival in Agadir. Please notify us of your exact arrival times so we can pick you up at the airport. Dinner and sleeping at hotel.

Day 2

In the morning, you will be driven by car just outside the town where your horses will be waiting for you. A short ride in the morning allows you the time to get acquainted with your horse.Back to the hotel and lunch in town (not included in price). In the afternoon, we will visit Agadir: the old Kasbah, the port, the souks, a little stroll by the seaside and opportunity to swim in the Atlantic Ocean! Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 3

You will ride through the fertile plains of Souss, where the long sandy road allows long gallops. In this region, most of the vegetables are grown in greenhouses in order to protect them against the high temperatures and drought. Tomatoes, potatoes and courgettes are sold everywhere in Morocco all year long, even in winter!Amidst of these greenhouses, we will see many argan trees and cactuses where sheep and goats are constantly looking for some grass to eat.Diner and night in tents near a Berber village where the houses are made of made of clay walls.

Day 4

Endless sand fields will bring you from Berber village to Berber village. With their typical brown red color, they arise from the cactus fields. Behind every bush or window, curious eyes will follow you and the others as horses and riders are not very common in these regions.Under the merciless sun, the farmers try to grow some crops for food, but basically they are mostly depending on their sheep, which are guarded by young and old.In the afternoon, we will also see the beginning of the Anti-Atlas. The camp is located at 'Souk sept Ait Milk'. The prefix 'Souk' indicates that every week there is a market.

Day 5

The fields of Souss are already behind us. Now we will follow a small road, which will lead us through rocky areas, again full of cactus and argan trees. It is very nice to see the goats climb in these trees to gather their food! We will pick-nick between these trees.In the afternoon, we will descend to the oasis of Souk El Khemis where the tent camp will be waiting for us.

Day 6

Today's road will take us over rocky dry hills. Everywhere there are small crop fields irrigated by water canals that were specially made for this purpose. The horses will gallop over old mule tracks more than 1000m above sea level. A short pick nick will give you the opportunity to admire the wild landscape offered by the Anti-Atlas mountain range. We will now go down amid the almond trees up to a small valley. A last effort will lead us to the small Berber village of Tanalt, located at 900m. The camp will be held on a plane with canyons and mountains visible in all directions.

Day 7

Today we will travel along steep roads that will lead us to the heart of the mountains. It's always strange to see so close to the mountain tops these isolated houses, built by the Berbers because it feels like that there is not a single road to this 'eagle's nest'. Very far way, you will see the oued that looks like a silver string. The camp will be a little further in a valley. We will leave the horses here and the car will take us to the small village of Tiznit where we will have dinner and sleep in the hotel.

Day 8

Today is a resting day for the horses. You will have to chance to visit Tiznit all day. Tiznit is very famous for his silver jewels and items. You are on your own for lunch in the afternoon. In the evening we will have dinner and sleep in the hotel again.

Day 9

We return to the horses and start a new day of horse riding. Today, the ride will take us around the mountain, which will offer many beautiful views of the snowy tops of the Anti-Atlas mountain range. We will arrive in a valley where we will have a nice pick nick. In the afternoon we will continue the ride in the mountains and through shady valleys of palm trees. We will make camp close to the Berber village of Anezi.

Day 10

After the last rocky roads, we will reach a deserted plain, which will be great for long gallops on golden fields of sand, along woods of cactuses and palm trees. Soon the sand will turn in stone again and the grass will become dry fields. We will sleep at Mader El Kebir.

Day 11

Today we will ride in the grassy fields at a high speed towards the Atlantic Ocean. We will cross some ghost cities that are ruled by the wind and the sand and since long deserted by the early inhabitants in search of work and food. At the end of the day, we will see the blue waves of the Atlantic. Endless gallops will lead us from along the coastline to the oued Massa. Here there is a bird reservation where many kinds of, birds make their nest. The camp is located at the other side on the beach of Sidi Rbat.

Day 12

The entire morning we will gallop and canter along the coast side, through dunes and sand to end our morning ride on a huge and deserted beach. Only the cries of the seagulls and the strong wind break the silence here. Waves of birds and pink flamingos make way for our galloping horses. In the afternoon we will arrive at the oued Souss that is also a huge bird reservation. Their songs will make us want to sing along. A road with lots of eucalyptus trees will lead us slowly back to civilization. After saying goodbye to our horses, you will be driven back to the hotel where we will have our last dinner.

Day 13

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